Who Knows Me Better?! (BROTHER VS BROTHER)

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Produced By: Brice Rivera ( bricerivera)
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  1. Spidermen Kamal
    Spidermen Kamal
    Hace un hora

    hi nice to meet you!

  2. James Park
    James Park
    Hace 4 horas

    it looks like Lexi Brent and Brice is really nice in the outside but in the inside there fighting so much and pranking there own silblings

  3. Freya Wilson
    Freya Wilson
    Hace un día

    Surprising that they didn’t really know their own Sister!!

  4. Kushi Sriram
    Kushi Sriram
    Hace un día

    Who is becker?

  5. Krystal Nguyen
    Krystal Nguyen
    Hace 2 días

    Hi Lexi I remember when you did the one Brent your brother did Who knows me better Bryce said you stink on his board but you don’t stink don’t tell your brothers you’re my favorite one I’m a huge fan by

  6. AFizzysheep Gaming
    AFizzysheep Gaming
    Hace 2 días

    How have you never been to a hospital?!?!?!? At the hospital my grandparents worked at, I was basically a regular there. I got sick, all the time

  7. Almira's Fun World
    Almira's Fun World
    Hace 3 días

    I love seeing Bryce in a video pls do more

  8. Ibrahim neesaam
    Ibrahim neesaam
    Hace 3 días

    I think brice is more cooler then brent

  9. Alessandro Rodriguez
    Alessandro Rodriguez
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  10. Alessandro Rodriguez
    Alessandro Rodriguez
    Hace 3 días

    Hey Alexa, turn on the lights

  11. Alexa Maxine aguilar
    Alexa Maxine aguilar
    Hace 4 días

    Beat that ?!?!?!? Lol haha 🤣

  12. Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia
    Hace 4 días

    We all know Bryce is trying to show off his abs

  13. Cassidy Taylor
    Cassidy Taylor
    Hace 4 días

    and lexi is butifull

  14. Cassidy Taylor
    Cassidy Taylor
    Hace 4 días

    brent is cute i love him

  15. Blueberry Buildz
    Blueberry Buildz
    Hace 5 días

    me watching this at 5 mil-

  16. SlimSheamy
    Hace 5 días

    It seems like your brothers hate each other

  17. Unique Kitten
    Unique Kitten
    Hace 6 días

    Girl I have one brother and four sisters 😕 well they are all nice

  18. Backing Andrea Bucko
    Backing Andrea Bucko
    Hace 6 días

    when did you get soo many brothers

  19. Chelsea Alaban
    Chelsea Alaban
    Hace 9 días

    What about Blake ???????

  20. Samuel Yohannan
    Samuel Yohannan
    Hace 9 días

    A mother love there children

  21. Zoe Malkon
    Zoe Malkon
    Hace 9 días

    Confused how were you born if you’ve never been in a hospital

  22. Sophia Shuck
    Sophia Shuck
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    Jennifer Varga
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    Henri Jacobs
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  25. Megan and Alan Benson
    Megan and Alan Benson
    Hace 10 días

    i want to see blake

  26. Sherman Mata II
    Sherman Mata II
    Hace 11 días

    Pls show us blake

  27. Kitty Plays Games
    Kitty Plays Games
    Hace 11 días

    Lexi he is our third brother me MAN U HAVE THREE I HAVE TWO THEY SSSSSUUUCKKKKKKKK always SO bossy

  28. Adam Meekis
    Adam Meekis
    Hace 11 días

    Hospital remember ur birth

  29. Adriana Florian
    Adriana Florian
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  30. Terrecheal Sebastian
    Terrecheal Sebastian
    Hace 12 días

    Who's watching in 2021

  31. Melnisha O'Ryan
    Melnisha O'Ryan
    Hace 12 días

    Notification for ever Lexi .

  32. Habiba Khan
    Habiba Khan
    Hace 12 días

    I- I thought it was only Brent and lexi-

  33. Suamthi Abraham
    Suamthi Abraham
    Hace 13 días

    Jehehhehehhehehehhehehhehehhehehhehehehehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehe hehehehehhehheheheh hehehhehe hehehehehhehheheheh hehehehehhehheheheh

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    raja Likitha
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    New subscriber ❤️

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    Breanna Agno
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  36. Breanna Agno
    Breanna Agno
    Hace 13 días

    I love u lexi and your Tik Tok

  37. Hailey Quinn
    Hailey Quinn
    Hace 14 días

    I have One sister and two brothers

  38. Kumen Maeshchundra
    Kumen Maeshchundra
    Hace 14 días

    Parents fav child is always youngest

  39. fortnite v2
    fortnite v2
    Hace 14 días

    Bexi is dead

  40. Alexia Jones
    Alexia Jones
    Hace 14 días

    brent will lose ( no afence) but brice might just hsve this in the bag (or not)

  41. Destine Yeatts
    Destine Yeatts
    Hace 14 días

    God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen❤️🙏🏽

  42. Smile Smile
    Smile Smile
    Hace 14 días

    Is he Blake or Bryce

  43. Greg Smith
    Greg Smith
    Hace 14 días

    :lexi we’re nearly at 2 million :me you nearly at 6 million

  44. Ginny-Jean Lovegood
    Ginny-Jean Lovegood
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  45. Cam Brooklyn
    Cam Brooklyn
    Hace 15 días

    Brice should make a TOUTUBE channel

  46. Kellie Jacobs
    Kellie Jacobs
    Hace 15 días

    Hi my name is Clara today is my birthday 🥳

  47. Ethan Feeney
    Ethan Feeney
    Hace 16 días

    Lets see blake!!!!!

  48. Kyle McLaughlin
    Kyle McLaughlin
    Hace 16 días

    Blake is me that’s my name

  49. Evanie Montero
    Evanie Montero
    Hace 16 días

    Stop saying mean stuff to lexi

  50. Evanie Montero
    Evanie Montero
    Hace 16 días

    Brent smells

  51. Brooke Pabon
    Brooke Pabon
    Hace 16 días

    I really want to see Blake in a video 😭

  52. Emmitt Stewart
    Emmitt Stewart
    Hace 16 días

    Sorry but his brother looks like he’s on drugs

  53. Beach Queen
    Beach Queen
    Hace 17 días

    i always forget that Brent and Lexi have older siblings so when ever there in a video i always get confused and i had no clue her real name was Alexa

    1. Freya Wilson
      Freya Wilson
      Hace un día

      Yeah a bit confusing!

  54. Ashi Silva
    Ashi Silva
    Hace 17 días

    is your name alexa

  55. Gaming With AYLIN
    Gaming With AYLIN
    Hace 17 días

    You have 3

  56. Audra Sebree
    Audra Sebree
    Hace 17 días

    Yes Alexa

    Hace 17 días

    Yaa lexi i also have two elder bros...!!💕

  58. Katie Lubkeman
    Katie Lubkeman
    Hace 17 días

    Lexi u should put your brothers in a video

  59. Katie Lubkeman
    Katie Lubkeman
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  60. David Tagg
    David Tagg
    Hace 17 días

    Lexi’s parents when she said they told her she was the favorite: 👁👄👁

  61. Electric Tidal Wave
    Electric Tidal Wave
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  62. Kledisa Mehmeti
    Kledisa Mehmeti
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    Like who see in 202@

    1. Kledisa Mehmeti
      Kledisa Mehmeti
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    Joseph toki Toki
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  64. Daniel Casden
    Daniel Casden
    Hace 18 días

    I gave it a thumbs up pls but brent blake and brice (all of them lol)

  65. Zoya A
    Zoya A
    Hace 19 días

    I have a older brother he don’t annoy me I annoy him lol

  66. Stuck with the Riddles
    Stuck with the Riddles
    Hace 19 días

    Happy you do anniversary is tomorrow night for me is New Year’s Eve

  67. Faiza Nimmy
    Faiza Nimmy
    Hace 19 días

    Lexi is a pretty good driver 😀 ❤ 👍

  68. Awoken Ghost Gaming
    Awoken Ghost Gaming
    Hace 19 días

    I’m 1 hour away from 2021 holy shoot

  69. NaaVy 19
    NaaVy 19
    Hace 19 días

    When will Blake come.

  70. Jurnee Maloney
    Jurnee Maloney
    Hace 19 días

    Love the video

  71. sweet mango
    sweet mango
    Hace 19 días

    I like sunflower

  72. Olivia Ivanov
    Olivia Ivanov
    Hace 19 días

    I didn't know that your real name is Alexa I though your name was lexi for all these years

  73. Max-triplets alexa Lexi Triplets!
    Max-triplets alexa Lexi Triplets!
    Hace 19 días


    Hace 19 días

    Brent was being rude in this video

  75. Zoe Rudesill
    Zoe Rudesill
    Hace 19 días

    Wait, she’s not in high school?

  76. Isabella Pimental
    Isabella Pimental
    Hace 19 días

    I feel like Brent would know Lexi better

  77. Charlotte Hoss
    Charlotte Hoss
    Hace 20 días

    Lexi saying,” Blake is our third brother.” Being able to handle all of them. When I can’t even handle one of my brothers that I never see. ,

  78. Nathalie Yeung
    Nathalie Yeung
    Hace 20 días


  79. Mat Skilliter
    Mat Skilliter
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    How many brothers do you have

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    I Comiskey
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    Now your at 5+million omg

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  82. BareerahMajam
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  83. Yemarria Joly
    Yemarria Joly
    Hace 20 días

    lexi or lexa you are the best youtuber girl i ever saw

  84. CTS-10
    Hace 20 días

    Brice has a ugly shirt

  85. NA & L
    NA & L
    Hace 20 días

    I just notice her name is Alexa and her channel name says Alexa Rivera ..I thought it was Lexi..

  86. Quinn Roth
    Quinn Roth
    Hace 20 días

    Why can’t Lexi drive on the high way

  87. Benji Mikkelsen
    Benji Mikkelsen
    Hace 20 días

    Wow a lot of piercings

  88. Benji Mikkelsen
    Benji Mikkelsen
    Hace 20 días

    Omg I’m just like you I have three brothers we are twins Lexie I feel what you feel Brent is annoying and my brother Ben is annoying

  89. Abdullah Sakhawat
    Abdullah Sakhawat
    Hace 20 días

    Hi LEXI

  90. Claudia Perez
    Claudia Perez
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    I love them I like the vid and I te Scribe

  91. Brooklyn Sailley
    Brooklyn Sailley
    Hace 21 un día

    I didn’t really notice this but their names in alphabetical order would be: Alexa Brent Bryce/Brice So Lexi is the favorite :> I’m smarttttt

  92. Priyanka Tarachandani
    Priyanka Tarachandani
    Hace 21 un día

    Lol, I thought Blake & Brice are not there real siblings 😆

  93. hrishi mohan
    hrishi mohan
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    How many brothers and sisters do you have

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    Tiktok Dolls
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    I have 12 brothers and 15 sisters

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    Sparkle dream Plays
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    Lexie:it’s my first anneversery Me:I don’t want to grow up T^T

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    Love Luchi
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    I have to brothers two

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    Kailyn Conti-Traczykiewicz
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    get your brother in a vid

  99. Family 33 bbg
    Family 33 bbg
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  100. Family 33 bbg
    Family 33 bbg
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