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  1. cai harrell
    cai harrell
    Hace 10 minutos

    Did bens mom talk to Ben or not

  2. Michelle T Pillay
    Michelle T Pillay
    Hace un hora


  3. Homayon Sahar
    Homayon Sahar
    Hace 2 horas

    Omg it was so funny I love that Ben said about homework 🤣 But Andrew was the silent in the class And brent was the annoying one lol And lexi was the good in class it was funny that she shut do in the trash lol hahahaha!!!!!

  4. Lily Bathurst
    Lily Bathurst
    Hace 3 horas

    So funny lol 🤣

  5. Pandora Fuchs
    Pandora Fuchs
    Hace 3 horas

    i am in 4th grade

  6. Ten Steppa
    Ten Steppa
    Hace 8 horas


  7. Lily Tyrrell
    Lily Tyrrell
    Hace 9 horas

    When your mom woke Ben up she said school is not a place for sleeping he should of said we’ll home is not for studying

  8. Rhonda Devlin
    Rhonda Devlin
    Hace un día


  9. Michelle Anglés
    Michelle Anglés
    Hace un día

    Lexi: Eww it’s dirty Brent: Your mom’s dirty If Brent and Lexi r full siblings and lexi’s mom is dirty. Then brents mom is dirty So brent is insulting his own mom 😱

  10. Nelly King
    Nelly King
    Hace un día

    Not ben he is a kid who probably git flex detention or stop & think or detention

  11. Manisha Babu
    Manisha Babu
    Hace un día

    I like you

  12. Lydia Reddy
    Lydia Reddy
    Hace un día

    Brents joke at 5:18, im DEAD

  13. Jamaican Elite Kids
    Jamaican Elite Kids
    Hace un día

    😂😂😂😂😂 o my god ben

  14. Jennifer Montoya
    Jennifer Montoya
    Hace un día

    Omg when ben fell of the chair I laughed 🤣

  15. GamerisaaaTV
    Hace 2 días

    I got at video birthday and give her 20,000 likes

  16. Grace Gillespie
    Grace Gillespie
    Hace 2 días


  17. Alexa Montes Cano
    Alexa Montes Cano
    Hace 2 días

    Hahahahahah funny Lexi putting her head in the trash can and Ben leaving the class room😂😅🤣🥲

  18. terko rakhna wo rakhde
    terko rakhna wo rakhde
    Hace 2 días

    Ben is the only *Relatable* KID

  19. Ivelise Rosario
    Ivelise Rosario
    Hace 2 días

    Lexi was the best student

  20. Kaylee Smith
    Kaylee Smith
    Hace 2 días

    I'm gonna be in 4th grade soon but I don't really like school and my friend is so mean to me and my sister she tells people who my crush is

  21. Emma Cali
    Emma Cali
    Hace 2 días

    I am in fourth grade 😂 My day is nothing like this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. simer saran
    simer saran
    Hace 2 días

    I'm in grade 4

  23. Lucy Dietel
    Lucy Dietel
    Hace 2 días

    Once again I’m here I feel like a comment on every video anyway did anybody notice that Lexi’s mom turn to Lexi’s page and that Lexi is the only girl poor Lexi

  24. amber spurling
    amber spurling
    Hace 2 días

    brent won

  25. Rafinho Geohagen
    Rafinho Geohagen
    Hace 2 días


  26. Samantha Bunch
    Samantha Bunch
    Hace 3 días

    Who else is a year late?🤗

  27. Leah Waskowitz
    Leah Waskowitz
    Hace 3 días

    The book that they were reading at the beginning is a real story in that book it’s fiction

  28. Maryam Malique
    Maryam Malique
    Hace 3 días


  29. craft box
    craft box
    Hace 3 días

    why is this video so truee

  30. Mohamed Mohgub
    Mohamed Mohgub
    Hace 3 días

    omg somebody roested lexi when she was on the rash can she said the trash can is dirty and then somebody said you mom is dirty owwwww she go roested

  31. kitty krishna
    kitty krishna
    Hace 3 días


  32. baddiexroach
    Hace 3 días


  33. Cynthia Young
    Cynthia Young
    Hace 3 días

    I am a biggest fan omg

  34. Sophia Merida Martinez
    Sophia Merida Martinez
    Hace 3 días

    Ben was the best and funny

  35. TERRIE Cooper
    TERRIE Cooper
    Hace 4 días

    Who is still witch this in 2021

  36. Dog cutie face
    Dog cutie face
    Hace 4 días

    I dont even know all my Times tables facts yet- im like not even in 4th grade yet.-.

  37. Kinga Nelson
    Kinga Nelson
    Hace 4 días

    BRENT NEEDS A CONCINCUINCE! (i dont spell corectELLY) anyway... BRENT'S THE TROUBLE MAKER... not lexi

  38. Briar HICKSON
    Briar HICKSON
    Hace 4 días

    year 4

  39. Alisa Kadriu Bo1A
    Alisa Kadriu Bo1A
    Hace 4 días


  40. Samey Matuku
    Samey Matuku
    Hace 4 días

    I'm in fourth grade and this is so true

  41. Chirani Vimansa
    Chirani Vimansa
    Hace 4 días

    She is a good teacher. But that 4 kids are idiots. I can't believe you guys are high school students or not.😒😒

  42. baby wy
    baby wy
    Hace 4 días

    Me too

  43. omomoh1
    Hace 4 días

    I want you to spend the day in 8 grade

  44. Summer Hart
    Summer Hart
    Hace 4 días

    How is Brent the only one who didn’t get a consequence

  45. Razmin Ghazali
    Razmin Ghazali
    Hace 4 días

    When everyone threw paper at Ben, the mother was like about to help him but she was like ‘nah’.

  46. Elvia Speer
    Elvia Speer
    Hace 4 días

    😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆

  47. Cosme Wilma
    Cosme Wilma
    Hace 5 días

    Lexi and brent

  48. Jewels Savely
    Jewels Savely
    Hace 5 días


  49. Zunairah Malik
    Zunairah Malik
    Hace 5 días

    Omg the way Ben clap when they all clapped and then fell off his chair WAS SO FUNNY

  50. Tiana Roberts
    Tiana Roberts
    Hace 5 días

    Your Mom is really serious

  51. Yassin Bahaa
    Yassin Bahaa
    Hace 5 días

    My dad made yahoo mail

  52. Alex Pérez
    Alex Pérez
    Hace 5 días


  53. queenajna gilld
    queenajna gilld
    Hace 6 días

    o wow

  54. Moriah Lambert
    Moriah Lambert
    Hace 6 días

    Me see the the title .my brain :wait I’m in four grade.also my brain : that’s what their 4th grade was like U^ェ^U

  55. Gacha Cookieforlife
    Gacha Cookieforlife
    Hace 6 días

    Yahoo is my moms company

    1. Gacha Cookieforlife
      Gacha Cookieforlife
      Hace 6 días

      Well she did work there

  56. Darren Hewett
    Darren Hewett
    Hace 6 días

    Nice video

  57. Sandra Davis
    Sandra Davis
    Hace 6 días

    I love this video someone been fell down I cannot stop left my sister fought off the bed while laughing and identic I got the new iPhone 12

  58. Christina Yildirim
    Christina Yildirim
    Hace 6 días


  59. Kerwyn Bailey
    Kerwyn Bailey
    Hace 6 días


  60. Reagan Samuel
    Reagan Samuel
    Hace 6 días

    if you mom is you a teacher Just follow her rules ok guys

  61. Reagan Samuel
    Reagan Samuel
    Hace 6 días


  62. Muhammed yasir
    Muhammed yasir
    Hace 6 días

    I like when Lexi and Ben love

  63. Popcorn chicken!!
    Popcorn chicken!!
    Hace 6 días

    If I went back to 4th grade covid would start all over again

  64. Ayla Doriney
    Ayla Doriney
    Hace 6 días


  65. Ahmad Ali
    Ahmad Ali
    Hace 6 días

    Who else heard someone say your moms dirty after Lexi said that trash can is dirty

  66. Alexis Pasipanyoro
    Alexis Pasipanyoro
    Hace 7 días

    What about the homework we were supposed to do today Everyone : (gasp) did you really just go there😂😂

  67. life is beautiful
    life is beautiful
    Hace 7 días

    You guys notice that when was a clumsiest in the class and Lexi was the nerd Andrew was a loser and Brent was a bully

  68. sylvester2510
    Hace 9 días

    I love your videos 💗 💗🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

  69. Hannah's Aesthetics
    Hannah's Aesthetics
    Hace 9 días

    4:03 HAHAHA I can't stop laughing

    Hace 9 días

    Lexi is like that one student in the classroom who is smart but a girly girl

  71. Soleil Elatroush
    Soleil Elatroush
    Hace 9 días

    I’m bitch

  72. Noble Nika
    Noble Nika
    Hace 10 días

    Brent: oh I’ve been out of fourth grade for a long time this guy just graduated Me: BURN!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. claudia Hernandez
    claudia Hernandez
    Hace 10 días

    With ben

  74. claudia Hernandez
    claudia Hernandez
    Hace 10 días

    I am mad because you broke up

  75. Grace Beltran
    Grace Beltran
    Hace 10 días

    I am in fourth =)

  76. Joann Fennell
    Joann Fennell
    Hace 10 días


  77. Kayla Darji
    Kayla Darji
    Hace 10 días

    soooooo funny

  78. Rupali RoyC
    Rupali RoyC
    Hace 10 días

    Ben is honestly the most mischievous student of the class. Sleeping in class,farting,falling from chair,running away from class🤣🤣

  79. Maithaa Musallam Rashid AL Khaifi GRADE7A
    Maithaa Musallam Rashid AL Khaifi GRADE7A
    Hace 10 días

    the best student was....LEXI RIVERA!!!

    Hace 10 días

    Uhh I am in 4th grade and I am still in school. Yeah I am just 10 years old and the things your mom asked and reached were literally easy for me cause I am a 4th grader

  81. ElenasMom10910 Pendergrass
    ElenasMom10910 Pendergrass
    Hace 10 días


  82. 959 Rebeccca Mendoza
    959 Rebeccca Mendoza
    Hace 11 días

    Where do you guys live I live in Raleigh

  83. MsCrown1988
    Hace 11 días

    Hey Alexis your brother sister the front where is Illusion corner AlexisWhy are you a better sister than Brighton

  84. Stephanie Freas
    Stephanie Freas
    Hace 11 días

    Ben is the worst 4th grader I have ever seen

  85. Rachel Kusic
    Rachel Kusic
    Hace 11 días

    Omg I could not stop laughing when Ben fell out of the chair😂

  86. Stephen Bailey
    Stephen Bailey
    Hace 11 días

    I’m in fourth grade

  87. Mailynn Ziebart
    Mailynn Ziebart
    Hace 11 días

    How does she Deal with you guys

  88. Mailynn Ziebart
    Mailynn Ziebart
    Hace 11 días

    Can I have her as my teacher

  89. Abayomi James
    Abayomi James
    Hace 12 días

    Love you so much

  90. Brissa Martinez
    Brissa Martinez
    Hace 12 días

    Lexi is the best

  91. jesus Rosales
    jesus Rosales
    Hace 12 días

    Hi Lexie I'm your biggest fan I watch a video my name is Heidi want to be my friend I'm 11 years old and I love you so much I want your video hundred times either your brother to

  92. Talia Hultink
    Talia Hultink
    Hace 12 días

    that teacher is savage, like if you watching in 2021

  93. The amazing world Of lai
    The amazing world Of lai
    Hace 12 días


  94. Kuldeep Maisuria
    Kuldeep Maisuria
    Hace 12 días

    Your videos are the best

  95. Summer Walker- Luderman
    Summer Walker- Luderman
    Hace 12 días

    Lexi was the best student

  96. Laavariz Amigo
    Laavariz Amigo
    Hace 12 días

    Anyone in 2021?

  97. Robert Hess
    Robert Hess
    Hace 13 días


    1. Robert Hess
      Robert Hess
      Hace 13 días


  98. Juleah Ross
    Juleah Ross
    Hace 13 días


    1. Juleah Ross
      Juleah Ross
      Hace 13 días

      Love your videos

  99. nicky indhur
    nicky indhur
    Hace 13 días

    Omg Ben

    Hace 13 días

    Brent was the best student