Hide and Seek in HUGE Furniture Store (WINNER GETS $1,000!)

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    Can you plzpzlzpzlzpzlzpzlzpzlzpzl make a weekly meeting in meet plzplzplzplzplzplz

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    my dad has that computer

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    who is oldar batwaan you and brant

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    Lexi's laugh is so cute, lol. SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE

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    I love Lexi Hensler's hair

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    My dad has that laptop but you can fold it Otsile

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    I am using same laptop now 😂❤

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    I would love to have a smoothie so healthy and made my tongue green Cheers to Lexi :-) * 3

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    Lexi and her laptop is flexi

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    What's your favorite app? Like: EStitle Comet:TikTok

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    I love lexa she is so cute lovely

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    Lexi promotes XP’s 13 after video through it next video MacBook lol

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    paint by number
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    0:26 lexi is cute

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    Taylor Lowe
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    Who else saw Andrew in the back of the video trying to hide in the beginning of the video lol

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    Who else is watching in 2021 LOCKDOWN :))))

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    I meant to say I think Andrew and Mason Well when

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    I did not mean to laugh, I meant no no no no no no no no not what I meant

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    Alexis Reed
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    I think Brent and Lexi will win

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    Ya you do

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    Why do you want 1,000!)

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    Why do you want 1,0000

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    omg same i have a hp and its like the same and its also touch screen

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    2021 ???

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    Lexi ur so so so cute I like u more

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    i have a dell computer. Plus love the color of Andre nails.

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    Bro Lexi hensler kinda look like star fire and that a complement

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    April Perera
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    Like I didn’t see Andrew in the beginning

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    omg lexi looks like bille

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    Camille Hutchinson
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    It was funny when Brent put duck tape on your mouth I was laughing 😆

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    Hey Lexi how are you Ben and your brother

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    Lexi imagine you wearing glasses

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    i have an asus comptuer it is touch screen and it can fold like the dell one the lexi has

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    Nice hiding spot lexi

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    do a part 2 pls

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    Caitlyn the thing
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    4:35 no-one mason 'we need to ask people if they've seen a short little BLONDE girl with DARK hair' lmao

  40. Nahar Maha
    Nahar Maha
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    6:49 nobody Andrew: i guess we'll go to casino LMFAOOO

  41. Aziz gamer drawing And roblox and Football
    Aziz gamer drawing And roblox and Football
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    Who patiently waiting for “Brent”to Upload😂

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    Stacy Seaford
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    Mason should start a EStitle channel

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    Allie Cheney
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    Lexi: “I don’t want to hive away 1,000$!” Brent:”The winner get 10,000$!” Lol

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    They were all basically looking in shower

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    This vid is posted on my b day

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    I love how both Lexie's support each other!!! that's what a true friend does☺️☺️☺️

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    Lexis hair is so pink

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    Cara's World
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    Lexi H has the sweetest laugh and the prettiest eyes ever.Anyone else think?

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    You are so pretty,sweet and charming

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    Look at Lexi Hensler hair it is so bright 🌈

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    Lexie not rivera looks like meganplays a little

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    Just me or is mason rlly good looking

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    Eliza love singing
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    omg at the end lexi's mouth was green!!! i bet she ate skittels

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    ilove lexi hensler hair

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    Why are Lexi hensler and brent timing????

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    Why did you and Ben brack up

  59. Bailey Korsmo
    Bailey Korsmo
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    Andrew: Mason I was looking for you for like 2 hours! When they found Lexi Andrew: We found her in 10 minutes!!! WHAT Xd

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    We have literally the exact same clock

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    I need this laptop please give this as giveaway 🤞

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    love this video

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    Woah how rich r u?

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    I having seen this ever and when did Lexi Hensler get hot pink hair? 😧😧

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    Yuvraj Kumar
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    Alexa revera - winner gets 1000$ MRBEAST- winner gets 1,00,000$

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    Andrew is so cute I think he has crush on lexi

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    Sloan Andrews
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    i love dell im waching it on my dell coumputer right now

    1. Sloan Andrews
      Sloan Andrews
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    Can u guys play sardins?

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    so big

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    I saw Andrew hiding in the beginning

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    who else is watching this in 2020 and thought you would see Dom? lol!

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