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I can't believe we did this, he had no idea! Thank you guys so much for watching, don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!
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@Ben Azelart
@Lexi Hensler

If you see this comment your favorite flirting prank we did, love you guys :)


  1. Sierra Fronczak
    Sierra Fronczak
    Hace un hora

    They look like the same face

  2. Surya Prabha
    Surya Prabha
    Hace 5 horas

    I just love the prank ben is like ....... Wt is happening🙄🤦 finally lexi its a prank 😂❤️

  3. eiza abdullah
    eiza abdullah
    Hace 8 horas

    Hi Alexa

  4. Bo GORDON
    Hace 13 horas

    Ben and Lexi look so cute together

  5. Queenie Jae
    Queenie Jae
    Hace 14 horas

    I like say I love your videos so much and I really want to go be with anyone self I love you and I love impractical I lullaby

  6. Stephanie Kahl
    Stephanie Kahl
    Hace 15 horas

    Ben was sad😔😔😔

  7. Katie Vela
    Katie Vela
    Hace 15 horas

    Man these pranks are literally so planned out I love them

    Hace 18 horas

    hiiiii i Love ur vids

  9. Beach Queen
    Beach Queen
    Hace 22 horas

    i felt bad when Lexi said 'Who wants to try it'

  10. Family Thoubourne
    Family Thoubourne
    Hace un día

    Ben look terifid

  11. Alexis Bobhdjf
    Alexis Bobhdjf
    Hace un día

    Bro what happened to Caleb

  12. Ella’s Wonderful world
    Ella’s Wonderful world
    Hace un día

    Hey dom What are you doing today nothing

  13. Damian Grow
    Damian Grow
    Hace un día

    💓💞💙💙🥰😘🥰😘 I love your vids!!!!!

  14. Niara Thomas
    Niara Thomas
    Hace un día

    Aww! That's so cute! Ben and Julian look so alike!!! Oh wow!

  15. Dennis Roman
    Dennis Roman
    Hace un día


  16. Aubrey's Play Box
    Aubrey's Play Box
    Hace 2 días

    but the good part is that ben"s brother came down to see him.

  17. Aubrey's Play Box
    Aubrey's Play Box
    Hace 2 días

    I felt so bad for Ben

  18. Reyaashri Suresh
    Reyaashri Suresh
    Hace 2 días

    7:45 Ben is just do cute being embarrassed 🤭😍

  19. GTA 5 shaded rich
    GTA 5 shaded rich
    Hace 2 días

    The jaded frost muhly bare because oxygen constitutively hunt barring a dapper reason. tan, few fierce balloon

  20. Naz M
    Naz M
    Hace 2 días

    Everyone : aw poor ben Me: vampire diaries? Damon and stefan and elena that u?

  21. Mollie Amy Holmes
    Mollie Amy Holmes
    Hace 2 días

    I. Won't. To. Have. A. Tattoo

  22. simonsatt
    Hace 2 días

    Does Julian know about it

  23. Brittny Edmonds
    Brittny Edmonds
    Hace 2 días

    Bens brother so cute😍

  24. Les kitty and Koala Bella’s fun
    Les kitty and Koala Bella’s fun
    Hace 2 días

    When Ben carried Lexi I was dying

  25. Ava Bynum
    Ava Bynum
    Hace 2 días

    Dang they look alike Ben and his brother

  26. Jen G
    Jen G
    Hace 3 días

    Omg my fav flirting prank y’all did was when you guys started it lol

  27. oscarkel
    Hace 3 días


  28. panyapat Manpatarapong
    panyapat Manpatarapong
    Hace 3 días

    ben and julian look a like

  29. Susana Peredo
    Susana Peredo
    Hace 3 días

    Theyre pretty good actors and actresses... I couldnt even last a second without laughing,😂

  30. jaminstua
    Hace 3 días

    Like the video if your here after they broke up

  31. Meera Kaustubh Pathak
    Meera Kaustubh Pathak
    Hace 3 días

    Julien looks so much like Ben

  32. Katie Paul
    Katie Paul
    Hace 3 días

    Julian looks exactly like Ben and has Jeremy’s smile /teeth. 👇🏾This is how many people agree!

  33. Orange Tree
    Orange Tree
    Hace 3 días

    awww lexi and julian should be bf and bf...lexi looks beautiful and julianis cute

  34. mcsweeney ripa
    mcsweeney ripa
    Hace 3 días


  35. Sofia Hernandez
    Sofia Hernandez
    Hace 3 días


  36. The Moore Girls
    The Moore Girls
    Hace 3 días

    Ben was getting totally jealous

  37. Khylan Scott
    Khylan Scott
    Hace 3 días

    Is no won gonna say Ben an julien have the same voice

  38. Gabrielle Lux
    Gabrielle Lux
    Hace 3 días


  39. Abiha Abbas
    Abiha Abbas
    Hace 3 días


  40. AlphaLVD !?
    AlphaLVD !?
    Hace 4 días

    Ben's brother looks like a white Kyle Exum and longer hair

  41. Khadra Abeeb
    Khadra Abeeb
    Hace 4 días

    Omg 😱 soo cute Ben has brother soo cute ☺️

  42. HoneyTiger
    Hace 4 días

    Quote of the year from Ben “I’m not gonna invite myself”

  43. rae walters
    rae walters
    Hace 4 días


  44. Sana Mousie
    Sana Mousie
    Hace 4 días

    Ben was like sooo jealous

  45. Kaushiki _
    Kaushiki _
    Hace 4 días

    Ben and his brother are like same face with different hair LITERALLY

  46. Tejas Acharya
    Tejas Acharya
    Hace 4 días

    Ben is the most heart broken person in this world😭😭

  47. Ina Palma
    Ina Palma
    Hace 4 días

    Im going crazy hahahaha

    Hace 4 días

    Ben has two brother

  49. stella Valdovinos
    stella Valdovinos
    Hace 4 días

    First I was like ok that's his brother then in was like uh They talked the Sam they smile the same there EVRYTHING the same.

  50. Jordynne Johnson
    Jordynne Johnson
    Hace 4 días

    they look like eachother alot

  51. Desirrae Ferrera
    Desirrae Ferrera
    Hace 4 días

    It could be Jexi

  52. Mia Alonso
    Mia Alonso
    Hace 4 días


  53. Amelia Taungakava
    Amelia Taungakava
    Hace 4 días

    4:15 bens face

  54. Ewa Boleslawska
    Ewa Boleslawska
    Hace 5 días

    I dont want a tatoo but i really want to meet you guys

  55. Rayon sayers Sayers
    Rayon sayers Sayers
    Hace 5 días

    am i the only one who thinks that bens brother sounds like ben?

  56. there was 啊啊 wang
    there was 啊啊 wang
    Hace 5 días

    Basically lexi does everything thing about boys

  57. Roblox. Bluebear.Sohani
    Roblox. Bluebear.Sohani
    Hace 5 días

    Ben was Jealous XD

  58. Enaam Chedid
    Enaam Chedid
    Hace 5 días

    It's so funny😜😜

  59. Pranjal
    Hace 5 días


  60. Aimal Sajid
    Aimal Sajid
    Hace 5 días

    Julian looks like ben

  61. Dariena Dawiewan
    Dariena Dawiewan
    Hace 5 días

    Lexi when she prank ben I kinda feel bad Lexi when she prank brent ......

  62. Mia Lays
    Mia Lays
    Hace 5 días

    Why Does ben's brother and ben look like twins?

  63. Kaylee PHAN
    Kaylee PHAN
    Hace 5 días

    I HOPE DOM DOES NOT love Miss @Lexa becouse he acts so Different with her around

  64. Em Syste
    Em Syste
    Hace 5 días

    Lexi:wanna hang out Dom:sure Andrew:😱 Also Andrew :you said you couldn’t hang out Me: SIMP SIMP HES A SIMP ON LEXI *screams* Parents: what wrong with this child Me:lol

  65. Katlin Lamons
    Katlin Lamons
    Hace 5 días

    Who else ships Julian and lexi i think they look cute in my opinion they do just saying💖💖😜😜😜

    1. kausar hussain
      kausar hussain
      Hace 4 días


  66. Anaika Michel
    Anaika Michel
    Hace 5 días

    Ben bother sound like older Ben like it be was 25

  67. Hannah Marie Ancheta
    Hannah Marie Ancheta
    Hace 5 días

    can you prank brent, MAKINGOUT WITH ANDREW

  68. ButterPinkParty Carmen Villarroel
    ButterPinkParty Carmen Villarroel
    Hace 5 días

    I dont wanna be rude but ur group is white

  69. Kerry Hill
    Kerry Hill
    Hace 5 días

    Who is here after the breakup

  70. Ivy Wamurwa
    Ivy Wamurwa
    Hace 6 días

    Ben and Julian are twins. Awwww.

  71. Ivy Wamurwa
    Ivy Wamurwa
    Hace 6 días

    Ben and Julian look so similar.

  72. Ivy Wamurwa
    Ivy Wamurwa
    Hace 6 días


  73. Its_bubblewolfy
    Hace 6 días

    6:59 Ben was about to cry 😭 Awww feel so bad fo him

  74. Mersudin Halilovic
    Mersudin Halilovic
    Hace 6 días


  75. Tanz
    Hace 6 días

    Julien sounds like ben and kinda looks like him

  76. Cheetah girl
    Cheetah girl
    Hace 6 días

    im laughing so hard

  77. Rhea Antoinette Bautista
    Rhea Antoinette Bautista
    Hace 6 días


  78. swati sahoo
    swati sahoo
    Hace 6 días

    Ben's face when he said" this close to cry"😭😭😭

  79. swati sahoo
    swati sahoo
    Hace 6 días

    I love you BEXI 💜

  80. Ahe022 TFT gaming
    Ahe022 TFT gaming
    Hace 6 días

    Idk why but julien sounds like James Charles

  81. •LeahAngel YT•
    •LeahAngel YT•
    Hace 6 días

    5:10. me: when I feel rejected

  82. Cheyenne Sears
    Cheyenne Sears
    Hace 7 días

    if they tried hard enough they could totally be twins

  83. Cheyenne Sears
    Cheyenne Sears
    Hace 7 días

    OMG ben and his brother look SOOO much alike

  84. Lieke Hoefakker
    Lieke Hoefakker
    Hace 7 días

    julien and ben are like twin brothers they really look like the same person in their face

  85. Aleeza Khalid
    Aleeza Khalid
    Hace 7 días

    Darn they look alike

  86. Ruby Mcdonald
    Ruby Mcdonald
    Hace 7 días

    Julian and Ben sound and look the same

  87. Emilynne Hodges
    Emilynne Hodges
    Hace 7 días

    ben and his brother look a lot a like

  88. Scoute Duschel
    Scoute Duschel
    Hace 7 días

    This is a big fat hahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahajahahaajahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahhhhhhhhhaaahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahhah

  89. Tiffany Boyd
    Tiffany Boyd
    Hace 7 días

    I want a tatoo

  90. Irene Palacios
    Irene Palacios
    Hace 7 días

    My sister is 13 and she can Do tattoos

  91. LifeTo TheT
    LifeTo TheT
    Hace 7 días

    Im 9 whats a simp

  92. zara
    Hace 7 días

    Ben and his brother literally have the same smile And they kinda talk the same

  93. Andrea Dolloway
    Andrea Dolloway
    Hace 7 días

    Do a video whare you can not edit the video 😁

  94. Hello Fred
    Hello Fred
    Hace 8 días

    lexi in every single prank vid:I FEeL sO BAd BRo

  95. The lil army •
    The lil army •
    Hace 8 días

    “Ok thanks babe” “HUH???” Me:Pfft xDDDDDDD

  96. Syeda Rooba vlogs
    Syeda Rooba vlogs
    Hace 8 días

    7:56 real moment of love

    Hace 8 días

    Nice video

  98. K Tsurila Yimchunger
    K Tsurila Yimchunger
    Hace 8 días

    Ben is so freaking cute🤧💞

  99. dashdanger1
    Hace 8 días

    lol nice video

  100. Amazing Grace ogunsola
    Amazing Grace ogunsola
    Hace 8 días

    did he actually get a tattoo